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Which pepper dryer saves money? Afraid to know too late

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Prickly ash is a kind of spice with a long history. It is planted in many areas of our country. The drying of prickly ash is a process that many prickly ash production and processing enterprises are concerned about. Dried prickly ash can be stored for a long time, with a good smell. At present, many pepper production and processing factories use baking room for baking. The heating equipment includes electric boiler, oil fired boiler, natural gas boiler, etc. the cost of these heating equipment is higher than that of biomass burner. Guangdong Chuangxing Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of biomass burning machine for processing. The products are energy-saving and environmental protection, do not need manual tracking, widely used, widely recognized and highly approved by the industry.


The biomass burning machine uses biomass fuel and has a wide range of materials, such as corn stalk, sesame stalk, wheat stalk, wood chip, bark, corncob, core, straw, etc., which not only saves costs, but also solves the environmental pollution caused by burning straw. According to the test, biomass burning machine saves 75% of electric energy, 60% of fuel oil, 50% of natural gas and 40% of liquefied gas. At present, it has been widely used in drying pepper, baking food, drying herbs, baking tea and other fields.


Founded in 2001, Guangdong Chuangxing Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Shishan, Nanhai City, Guangdong Province. After more than ten years of development and honing, the company has become one of the large-scale metal plate, stainless steel processing and other hardware manufacturers with strong strength in the Pearl River Delta, and has passed ISO9001-2008 international quality management system certification and ISO14001-2004 environmental management system certification. Our factory covers an area of 50000 square meters. We have advanced numerical control sheet metal processing, laser cutting processing, silk screen printing equipment, independent spraying workshop and other professional facilities in Japan and Germany. The company has strong technical force, including more than 30 modern enterprise management personnel, more than 30 senior technical personnel, and more than 200 employees. Our customers cover all over the country, including Australia, Europe, Canada, the United States, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia, Taiwan and other countries and regions.


Update date:2020-06-09