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In autumn and winter, many places carry out the inspection of straw burning ban. What is the direction of the waste straw behind the environmental protection?

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Autumn and winter is a dry season, easy to cause fire! Many places throughout the country carry out straw burning inspection, found that burning straw will criticize education. Avoid polluting the environment and protect the blue sky and white clouds.


The picture shows a villager who burned straw illegally in haocun Town, Botou City, Cangzhou. The public security organs detained him according to law.



In Zhejiang Province, straw burning remote sensing monitoring equipment was used to monitor the number and situation of straw burning points in each city.


In the environment of prohibiting the burning of straw, where should the waste straw go? The purpose of burning straw is to return it to the field better. If it is not burned, it will be difficult to rot. in the coming year, it will not only not increase the soil fertility, but also affect the progress and convenience of farming.

Waste straw environmental protection treatment methods: fertilizer, fuel, feed a variety of forms of utilization.

Straw can be made into biomass particles and biomass block fuels by briquetting equipment and granulating equipment. These fuels can replace coal as biomass fuel, which not only has low cost, but also solves the problem of haze weather environmental pollution caused by burning straw and coal.


Guangdong Chuangxing Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has developed and produced a number of biomass pellet burners, biomass pellet heaters, biomass pellet dryers, biomass pellet hot water heaters and other thermal equipment that can automatically discharge and ignite. The equipment is widely used in tobacco curing, tea drying, prickly ash drying, Chinese herbal medicine drying, fruits and vegetables drying and other crop drying and household heating, central heating field.

The equipment uses biomass particles as fuel. Therefore, the brand name Baozhu is to change the waste crop straw into treasure and develop it into a new biomass energy for reuse. Baocao dryer equipment has been donated to Liangshan area of Sichuan Province to solve the problems of high baking cost and poor baking quality of local farmers, which has been widely recognized and highly approved by the industry.

Update date:2020-12-11