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Baojie biomass pellet burner adopts microcomputer control, and supports remote operation with mobile phone: and features precise control of burning intensity, real-time monitoring of baking, and intelligent alarm of baking failure.

The baking system realizes the identification of farmer households, the automatic weighing and weighing of crops, and the treasure straw cloud realizes data collection and sharing.


Environment protection

Zero pollution, no smoke and dust emission, meeting the national emission standards!

Patented technical structure, secondary oxygen supply, ensuring full combustion and reducing emissions of CO, NO and particulate matter.

  • Coal burning in boiler emits a lot of harmful gases

  • Baojie biomass pellet burner features full burning and is basically smokeless

Low cost

Lower cost than coal, electricity and gas!

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Turning waste into wealth

Reusing agricultural waste, changing waste into wealth,and increasing income!

Biomass fuel sources are extremely wide. Corn stalks, sesame stalks, rice stalks, wheat stalks, cotton stalks, and wood shavings are all ubiquitous sources of biomass fuels. These straws were originally crop waste, but now become energy, which saves a lot of costs and solves the problem of haze caused by burning straw.


Quality assurance

The quality of crop baking is more guaranteed!

It features intelligent temperature control to avoid excessive temperature, excessive loss of nutrients, or excessive loss of effective pharmaceutical ingredients. It can quickly dry a large number of crops to avoid the accumulation of crops and the loss caused by mildew!