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Low temperature baking
Low temperature baking
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Grain drying

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China is the world's largest food producer and consumer, with a total annual production of about 610 million tons of food. According to statistics, the loss of grain caused by mildew is up to 21 million tons every year, accounting for about 4.2% of the total grain output of the country, so it is urgent to develop grain drying. "Timely drying and safe warehousing" is the last key link after the whole process of grain production mechanization to solve the problem of plowing, harrowing and sowing. At the same time, grain drying is of great significance to national grain security, agricultural production efficiency, agricultural product quality and farmers' income.

Before the storage and sale of grain, if the grain is not cleaned and dried as necessary, the impurities mixed into the grain will not only pollute the grain, make the eggs on the grain surface multiply and grow up rapidly in the storage, and cause serious insect erosion, but also reduce the quality of grain crops, which will seriously affect the edible value, sales price and market of grain crops Field competitiveness.


The intelligent grain drying system of baostraw biomass burning machine adopts microcomputer control, precise temperature control, automatic weighing measurement, real-time baking monitoring, remote operation of mobile phone, user identification, baking fault alarm, stable performance, convenient use, big data system support, easy operation without technology, which not only ensures the quality of grain drying, but also saves labor cost.

Update date:2020-06-15
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