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Low temperature baking
Low temperature baking
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Drying of traditional Chinese Medicine

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Traditional drying of Chinese herbal medicine generally includes cleaning, peeling, cutting, steaming and scalding, sulfur fumigation, drying, packaging and other processes. Without systematic and scientific drying theory and production process control, the four gases and five flavors of Chinese herbal medicine will not be well protected in drying, which will lead to deterioration of herbal medicine, destruction of tissue structure, change of drug resistance, loss of effective ingredients and other problems.


Low temperature baking is required for the drying of medicinal materials. Too high temperature will lead to the loss of effective ingredients of medicinal materials. Too low temperature can not reach the effect of drying, which is not conducive to storage. The intelligent drying system of traditional Chinese medicine of baostraw biomass burning machine adopts microcomputer control, precise temperature control, automatic weighing measurement, real-time monitoring of baking, remote operation of mobile phone, user identification, baking fault alarm, stable performance, convenient use, big data system support, no need of technology and easy operation, which not only ensures the drying quality of traditional Chinese medicine, but also saves artificial cost Ben.


Update date:2020-06-17
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