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On the biomass pellet fuel of baostraw

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The biomass pellet burning machine produced by our company uses biomass agricultural and forest wastes (straw, bagasse, tobacco rod, branch, bark, fruit shell, etc.); wood processing leftover materials (wood powder, sawdust, shaving, leftover materials, etc.); building wood mold, waste wood board, etc.; decorating wood leftover materials and other organic materials to make granules as fuel. Biomass particles fully burn through the equipment to produce high-temperature hot flame, and heat is transferred to all kinds of hot water packages or heat exchangers in the way of high-temperature flame jet to generate heat energy. Under the action of circulating pump or fan, heat exchange is carried out, so as to achieve the purpose of heat extraction. It is an efficient and environmental friendly combustion equipment. The straw biomass burning machine water heater provides a new technical solution for farmers to take heat, which is favored by customers.


Update date:2020-06-18