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How about a biomass pellet burner? Baostraw energy-saving biomass burner manufacturers

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Biomass pellet burner is a kind of burner which uses biomass pellet energy to produce heat energy. Biomass Pellet is made from waste crop straw, such as corn stalk, wheat stalk, rice stalk, sesame stalk, cotton stalk, wood dust and wood powder. Compared with coal and electricity, Biomass Pellet fuel saves cost, no smoke and no dust, to a certain extent, to solve the burning of Straw haze weather environmental pollution.


 In operation, coal-fired baking is through artificial interference with oxygen to control temperature, baking crops, the need for a long time to watch, a little careless will appear baking char and other problems, easy to cause losses. The drying equipment of baostraw biomass burner can automatically adjust the feeding speed through the controller, thus, the temperature can be controlled, and the baking time can be adjusted according to the kind of crops, without the need of artificial surveillance, the baked crops have good color, good Quality. 


Biomass Pellet burners are widely used in many fields. Biomass Pellet burners are heat-supply equipment, which can be used to bake all kinds of crops through heat exchanger and fan. At present, baostraw biomass pellet burner has been widely used in tobacco baking, pepper drying, tea drying, Chinese medicinal materials drying, grain drying, edible fungi drying and other fields.


 Baostraw drying equipment has been donated to Liangshan area of Sichuan Province as a poverty alleviation project to solve the problems of poor baking quality and high baking cost of local crops. 

Through continuous growth and development, we have achieved breakthroughs again and again. We have not only provided intelligent baking systems for growers, but also solved the problem of haze pollution caused by burning straw, turning waste Straw into biomass fuel, to save costs for farmers, to contribute to the cause of environmental protection. In order to help farmers increase their income more scientifically, we built a big data service platform for farmers to share planting technology. We are not simply solving the baking problem for farmers, it is the virtuous circle for the entire industry to provide personalized solutions. Comprehensive Solutions: "Grow Solutions, " "clean energy, " "smart bake, " "big data platforms. ".

Update date:2020-07-11