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Heating Furnace which good? Straw biomass cooking heating equipment

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Many of our counterparts are relatively cold in winter. The heating furnace is a kind of heating equipment for family heating. At present, many of the heating furnaces use coal as fuel and provide heat by burning coal, which is not only costly but also unsafe, coal in the combustion process of a large number of carbon monoxide, in the cold winter, indoor ventilation environment is poor, prone to coal poisoning. 


In addition to considering the cost and health issues, the equipment itself is also quite worthy of our attention. The traditional heating furnace equipment only has a pillar in the middle for storing coal, which can not fully utilize the heat energy, baostraw biomass heating furnace adopts six-column circulating heating design, the heat generated by burning biomass particles will not be directly lost, but in the table and six pillars and bases and other places stored, can play a long warm effect. Table with three specifications of the furnace ring, can adapt to a variety of pots, can achieve a variety of cooking methods, family members in the meal at the same time can be warm, convenient and practical. The device has its own controller, which can adjust three gears and the temperature can be adjusted. 


WHY BIOMASS PELLET HEATERS? The biomass particles are made of waste Straw such as corn stalk, wheat stalk, Rice Stalk, sesame stalk and cotton stalk. The materials are obtained on the spot and the cost is saved. The burning process of the biomass particles is basically smoke-free, low-carbon and environmentally friendly, it's good for the mind and body. 


Baostraw is a brand of Guangdong Chuangxing Precision Manufacturing Co. , Ltd. . The brand covers three fields: low temperature baking, hot water heating and fire heating. baostraw drying system has been donated to Liangshan area of Sichuan Province to solve the high baking cost of local farmers, poor baking quality and other problems. Products have been widely recognized and highly endorsed by the industry widely recognized.

Update date:2020-07-15