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How to dry the crops in rainy weather?

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This year is a difficult year. Natural disasters such as epidemic situation, typhoon, flood and so on come uninvited, which have brought serious impact on China's economy. Now it is autumn harvest season, timely drying of crops is also an effective measure to reduce losses. However, the traditional drying method is greatly affected by the weather. In case of cloudy and rainy weather, it will be affected by damp and mildew, resulting in losses.


Drying equipment can avoid the influence of the weather, can carry out a large number of indoor crop drying work, mechanized intelligent drying also reduces the labor cost. At present, the more commonly used drying equipment are coal drying equipment, heat pump dryer and biomass particle drying equipment. Different drying equipment, its drying cost and the quality of the crop will be different, can be selected according to the actual situation.


Coal drying equipment is mainly suitable for small batch of household crops drying. Due to the increasingly serious environmental pollution in haze weather, the use of coal has been explicitly prohibited by the policy. In addition, a large number of smoke and sulfur compounds are emitted from the coal combustion process. In the baking process, the temperature can only be controlled manually. The quality of the baked crops is poor and it is difficult to sell them at a good price.


Heat pump drying equipment needs to consume a lot of electric energy. In low temperature areas or winter, the outdoor air temperature is low. At this time, the heat pump heating efficiency is low, and the electricity cost is high, so ordinary families can not bear the high cost.

Compared with the high cost of heat pump, biomass pellet drying equipment uses corn stalk, wheat stalk, rice stalk, sesame stalk, cotton stalk and other waste straw or sawdust and wood powder as fuel, which not only saves cost, but also has no smoke emission in the combustion process, and the baked products are not burnt. Baocao biomass granule dryer has the advantages of automatic ignition, automatic cutting, automatic temperature control and intelligent fault alarm. It does not need manual tracking and saves labor cost. The baked crops have uniform color and good quality.


Baoshu is a brand of Guangdong Chuangxing Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd., as the name implies: it is to change the waste crop straw into treasure, develop into a new biomass energy for reuse. Products cover: biomass pellet burner, dryer system, heating furnace, hot water heating furnace, frying furnace, etc. It is widely used in tobacco curing, prickly ash drying, tea drying, Chinese herbal medicine drying, honeysuckle drying, jasmine drying, fruit and vegetable drying, grain drying, hot water heating, and household heating. The dryer equipment was donated to Liangshan area of Sichuan Province to solve the problems of high baking cost and poor baking quality of local farmers, which has been widely recognized and highly approved by the industry.

Update date:2020-08-24