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Forbidding the import of coal, the state may vigorously develop new energy

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Coal prohibition is an energy policy adopted with the increasingly serious environmental pollution in haze weather. After the coal prohibition policy was issued, coal prohibition actions have been launched all over China. Instead, clean energy such as electricity, wind energy, biomass and so on. According to the global times, it has been reported that China's state-owned energy enterprises and steel mills have been given official verbal notice to stop importing coal from Australia. On the one hand, this measure is to digest the stock of domestic coal enterprises, regulate coal prices and invest in renewable energy.

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Biomass energy is a renewable energy, environmental protection and pollution-free, the use of waste straw, sawdust, wood powder and other biomass materials made of pellet fuel into biomass particles. When biomass is used as fuel, the net emission of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere is close to zero, which can effectively reduce the greenhouse effect;


Therefore, using biomass particles to replace coal as energy is environmentally friendly and pollution-free. Guangdong Chuangxing Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has developed and produced thermal energy equipment that can generate heat by burning biomass particles. The products include biomass pellet burner, biomass pellet heater, biomass pellet burner system, biomass heating furnace, etc. Among them, there are 48 invention patents. The products are widely used in tobacco curing, prickly ash drying, tea drying, Chinese herbal medicine drying, honeysuckle drying, jasmine drying, fungus drying, fruit and vegetable drying, grain drying and other fields. The dryer equipment has been donated to Liangshan area of Sichuan Province to solve the problems of high baking cost and poor baking quality of local farmers.


Traditional crop drying not only takes a long time, but also requires a lot of labor. In rainy days, it also faces the problem of mildew and deterioration of crops, resulting in losses. After development, dryer equipment was used for drying, but the traditional baking machine, baking equipment and baking room are often complex and cumbersome operation, which requires manual observation of time and temperature, so as to adjust, a little carelessness will cause losses.

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Baocao biomass dryer intelligent control, simple operation, automatic feeding, automatic ignition, fan frequency conversion, microcomputer control, simple operation, labor saving. Equipment environmental protection: zero pollution, no smoke emission, in line with the national emission standards; lower cost than coal, electricity and gas; provides an effective solution to save labor cost and energy consumption cost for baking. The intelligent system can realize face recognition of farmers, accurate combustion control, automatic weighing measurement, real-time monitoring of baking, remote operation of mobile phone, baking fault alarm and other functions. The intelligent baking is realized.


Update date:2020-10-13