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Low temperature baking
Low temperature baking
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Dried pepper

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Chongqing prickly ash is rich in many trace elements and has a high oil yield. It is not only a good condiment, but also a variety of valuable chemical raw materials. Chenchen prickly ash is a cooperative of prickly ash production in Rongchang District, Chongqing. It needs to be stored after picking. The traditional way of drying prickly ash is to dry it in the sun or in a cool and dry place. It takes a long time, usually 6-10 days. In this period, if it is rainy, it is easy to have mildew and other problems, causing losses. The color of pepper roasted at low temperature by the biomass burning machine is good, which can well preserve all kinds of flavor substances of pepper. There is no need for people to watch and save labor cost. Biomass fuel is used for baking to save cost.


Time: November 5-12, 2019

Location: pepper base, Jiangjin District, Chongqing

Test equipment: external baking system of Chuangxing biomass crop


Update date:2020-06-11
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