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Low temperature baking
Low temperature baking
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Fruit and vegetable drying

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The ripening period of fruits and vegetables is relatively short, and they should be picked in a few days, resulting in a large number of overstocks and a lot of rotten fruits and vegetables every day. The traditional way of drying or burning firewood, there will be uneven heating or improper treatment, the color of vegetables is easy to turn yellow brown. Therefore, fruits and vegetables need to be dried at low temperature. High temperature will destroy the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables. Most fruits and vegetables are dried at low temperature.

The intelligent baking system for fruits and vegetables of baostraw biomass pellet combustor has the advantages of intelligent control, simple operation, automatic feeding, automatic ignition, fan frequency conversion, microcomputer control, simple operation and labor saving. The big data system provides reasonable baking temperature and baking time parameters. When drying fruits and vegetables, it can ensure the nutrition of fruits and vegetables and the bright color of fruits and vegetables.

Update date:2020-06-15
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