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The snow is flying outside and the room is warm like spring. This stove is awesome!

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Did you snow there? Recently, the cold air has been constantly, and snow has appeared in many areas. Shivering cold, snow covered the road in the northeast, so many schools were forced to stop classes.


Southerners encounter the big deal is pouring rain, and the north is really pouring snow!


Students should help each other, this even drag and tear scene, is also open eyes!


You may say that this is only in the northeast, and the southerners say they can only envy! Then we will go to Guizhou Province to the south. Weining County is located in Bijie City, Guizhou Province. On November 24, the fog in the area has been covered with wind and frost, and wild fruits are covered with a thick layer of ice and snow, as if it were living specimens.


In the next few days, Guizhou Province will have a rainy and snowy weather, which is also too cold. Friends of Guizhou Province "mouse tail juice".

94d1-kentcvx2651506.jpgIn the past winter, friends in Guizhou would use stoves to heat themselves. However, with the improvement of the policy of coal prohibition, it is difficult to buy coal in many areas. The furnaces used to burn coal have been useless, and instead, firewood and electric furnaces are used. However, for Guizhou with a long rainy season, it is not so easy to keep the firewood dry for a long time. The cold weather needs heating for more than 10 hours, and electricity heating is a big expense for many rural families.


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Cold weather is suitable for staying at home playing mahjong, nagging! This is a good time to warm the table. The Bohai biomass heating stove is not only warm on the stove's desk, but also warm in the bottom. It can satisfy the daily functions of cooking and water heating while heating. It's just too awesome!


The corn stalk, wheat stalk, rice pole, corn cob, rice core, rice husk, sesame stem, cotton stalk and other waste straw and wood chips are used in the baostraw biomass particle heating furnace. The biomass particles are made from wood powder, which not only saves cost, but also does not generate a lot of dust and carbon monoxide poisoning during combustion, so as to achieve real energy conservation and environmental protection.


Update date:2020-11-26