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Heat supply with baking fire
Heat supply with baking fire
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Heating by fire

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The annual average temperature in Zhongshan District of Liupanshui, Guizhou Province is 12.3 ℃, the extreme maximum temperature is 31.6 ℃, the extreme minimum temperature is - 11.7 ℃, the average temperature in the hottest month (July) is 24.6 ℃, and the average temperature in the coldest month (January) is - 0.1 ℃. The baking equipment of Chuangxing biomass burning machine has been applied here. One machine is multi-purpose, proficient in cooking, heating, boiling water and table. The system adopts microcomputer control, one key intelligent fool operation, automatic alarm for lack of material, overheat and overload protection; real-time observation of combustion conditions; biomass fuel, wood and coal can be used without material picking; smoke is discharged to the outdoor through smoke exhaust pipe, smoke-free, tasteless and dust-free indoor, sanitary and dry.

Time: November 15-22, 2019

Location: Shiban village, Zhongshan District, Liupanshui, Guizhou Province

Test equipment: Chuangxing baostraw biomass household heating system


Update date:2020-06-15
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