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The operation of cooperatives in this way can promote the rapid development of farmers nearby

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There are many kinds of cooperatives, among which the number of agricultural cooperatives is also increasing. The original purpose of the cooperative is to provide some crop planting technology for the cooperative members and solve the problem of unsalable agricultural products. However, many cooperatives can only operate as a company because they can not find a suitable way.


From seedling to planting, harvesting, post-processing, marketing, every link can find a way to solve the problems for farmers, so as to revitalize the cooperatives. As an important part of post-processing, the quality of drying plays an important role in the price of agricultural products. The traditional air drying takes a lot of time. In case of overcast and rainy weather, it will be wet and moldy, causing losses. And for mechanical planting today, a large number of crops drying also need a lot of labor, the cost is relatively high.

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If the cooperative can successfully introduce more cost-effective and easy-to-use drying equipment, it can not only help farmers solve the drying problem, but also charge a certain amount of man hour fee while helping farmers. In this way, the cooperative can revitalize its business and play its role.


At present, crop straw is also a headache for farmers. The prohibition of straw burning leads to that many farmers do not know how to deal with waste straw after harvest. Recycling waste straw can increase the extra income of farmers and solve the problem of waste straw for farmers.


Combined with the above two problems, Guangdong Chuangxing Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has developed a biomass burning machine which uses corn stalk, wheat stalk, cotton stalk, rice stalk and other waste straw, sawdust, firewood powder and other biomass particles as fuel. It not only saves cost, but also solves the problem of haze weather environmental pollution caused by burning straw. The equipment is widely used and recognized in tobacco, pepper drying, medicine drying, tea drying, fruit and vegetable drying and other fields.


Update date:2021-02-04