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Is it true that biomass pellet heaters are cheaper than coal-fired ones?

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The biomass pellet stove is different from the coal stove. It can burn corn stalk, wheat stalk and other waste stalks, as well as the biomass pellets made from sawdust and firewood powder, saving the money to buy coal. Moreover, the biomass pellet heating furnace produces open fire in the process of combustion, which can be directly used for cooking, boiling water, cooking, saving firewood and coal electricity costs. Compared with the price of coal, biomass particles are also relatively cheap. So why are biomass stoves so cheap still not popular?


First of all, the use history of coal stove is longer than that of biomass pellet stove, and people's acceptance of coal stove is also relatively high. The ignition of coal stove needs manual use of fine firewood to ignite the coal, and the process is complicated. The biomass pellet heating furnace can click the power button to ignite, and the equipment can automatically discharge and ignite, and can freely switch between large and small firepower gears according to the current demand.


Secondly, many people don't know about biomass pellet fuel. I don't know how to use this, where to sell it. Biomass particles are made of corn stalk, corncob, wheat stalk, rice stalk, rice husk and other waste straw, as well as firewood powder and sawdust. It not only solves the problem of haze weather environmental pollution caused by burning straw, but also saves cost, and truly achieves energy conservation and environmental protection.


Finally, no matter whether the biomass pellet furnace really saves money or not, at least it is more convenient and environmentally friendly to use than the coal furnace. When the weather is hot, it can be directly used as a table. When the weather is cold, it can meet the needs of heating, cooking and so on. It is a new product to promote the development of stove industry.


Update date:2021-03-02