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How can crops prevent mildew in cloudy and rainy places? Indoor dryer equipment without sun drying

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Sun drying is a traditional way of crop drying, through the heat of sunlight to evaporate the moisture of crops, so as to achieve the effect of drying. After the moisture evaporates, it can avoid moisture and mildew. However, such a simple drying method is not so easy to achieve in some places. In many places of our country, the weather is cloudy and rainy, the time of solar radiation is less, and the heat is also insufficient. In order to avoid the crops from being affected by moisture, many people take the dryer equipment for drying and dehydration.


Liangshan Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province is such a place. Many farmers grow mushroom crops here. Because they can't dry well, the mushroom crops here are usually dried on the stove after harvest. However, the dust on the stove is relatively large, so the color of dried mushrooms is poor, and the taste is not very ideal. For a long time, the mushroom crops planted by farmers here could not help farmers get rid of poverty and become rich.


After understanding the situation here and the situation here, Guangdong Chuangxing Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. went to Liangshan Prefecture of Sichuan Province for investigation and donated a set of mushroom dryer equipment on the recommendation of Nanhai District government. The equipment not only intelligent temperature control, automatic ignition, automatic blanking, but also uses corn stalk, wheat stalk, rice stalk, sesame stalk, cotton stalk and other waste straw and sawdust, firewood powder made of biomass particles as fuel, which not only saves cost, but also solves the problem of haze weather environmental pollution caused by burning straw to a certain extent. For more information about dryer equipment, please ask www.nh-cx.com see


Update date:2021-03-12