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The burning machine of baostraw helps Liangshan, and there are new ways for farmers to get rid of poverty and become rich

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From May 20 to 22, Gu Yaohui, deputy secretary of the South China Sea District Committee and head of the District, led a delegation of party, government and enterprises to Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province, to carry out research and docking of poverty alleviation cooperation between the East and the west, and strive to give full play to the advantages of South China Sea enterprises and accurately meet local poverty alleviation needs. Gao Chuhui, general manager of our company, on behalf of Chuangxing precision, donated a batch of Baozhu intelligent baking room equipment worth more than 360000 yuan to Ganluo County, Yuexi County and Xide County, Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province.


According to the deployment of the central government, the provincial government and the city's East-West poverty alleviation cooperation work, Nanhai counterpart helped the three counties of Xide, Yuexi and Ganluo in Liangshan, Sichuan. This year is the final year of poverty alleviation. In order to do a good job in precision assistance, as a member of enterprises in South China Sea, Chuangxing precision trust has accepted the environmental protection concept of "green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains", shouldered the sense of responsibility and mission of "serving the country through industry, poverty alleviation through industry and benefiting the society", and helped farmers' friends to expand production and increase income with intelligent high-tech agricultural machinery and equipment。


Chuangxing precision has lasted for more than three years. The self-developed baostraw biomass burning machine has overcome the two world-wide problems of "tar sticking and coking residue accumulation". It has one invention patent, four utility model patents and two trademark registrations. It turns crop straw waste into treasure and converts it into heat energy. It is safe, intelligent, environmental friendly and low emission. It is suitable for low-temperature baking with temperature ≤ 1200 ℃ It is widely used in the fields of tobacco leaf, pepper, medicine, food processing, preserved fruit processing, water cooking, heating and so on.


The baostraw biomass burning machine not only perfectly solves the environmental pollution caused by burning straw, but also solves the transportation cost and processing pressure of farmers. It can also help farmers in Liangshan Prefecture to further process food, medicine, fungus, pepper and other agricultural products through intelligent online data monitoring and management, and sell them all over the country, Finally, we will help Liangshan Prefecture win the battle of poverty alleviation.

Update date:2020-06-11