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What are the burners? Which is the best manufacturer of biomass burner?

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What are the types of burners? The burners can be divided into fuel oil burners, natural gas burners, biomass burners, etc. according to the way of cleaning the ashes, they can be divided into push rod burners, rotary push burners, chain conveyor burners. Different materials are suitable for different types of burners. Guangdong Chuangxing Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of biomass burning machine.


We all know that for example, corn, wheat and other crops are the main crops in the region, so the fuel used in the combustion machine is mostly corn stalks and wheat stalks, which all contain a certain amount of sugar. In the process of combustion, the sugar will be released and stick to the furnace and push rod, resulting in incomplete combustion, According to this phenomenon, engineers of Guangdong Chuangxing Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. developed and produced screw rotary pusher combustor. After several times of adjustment, the feeding speed of materials and the ash discharging speed have been controlled, and the combustion and heat are also sufficient.


The combustion machine of wood particle fuel will not stick in the process of combustion, so it is more suitable to use push rod combustion machine.

Update date:2020-06-09