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How much is the price of the Dryer? Bao Straw biomass pellet drying equipment

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There are many kinds of dryers, mainly divided into industrial dryers and agricultural dryers. According to the different application fields, the equipment fittings of drying machine are different, most drying equipment is made up of heating equipment of drying machine, oven, boiler and so on. Prices will also vary according to the composition of the package. 


The energy materials used in the heat-supply equipment of the dryer will also vary. There are mainly coal-burning, electricity-using and biomass-using fuels on the market, and the drying costs will also vary according to statistics, the use of biomass particles as fuel is more cost-effective than air energy or coal. 


The baostraw biomass Pellet Dryer uses waste Straw such as corn stalk, wheat stalk, Rice Stalk, sesame stalk, cotton stalk, Sawdust, wood powder and so on as fuel, and to a certain extent, the burning of Straw to solve the haze weather pollution problems, really achieve energy conservation and environmental protection. 


Traditional coal-fired drying through artificial surveillance to control the amount of oxygen and then adjust the size of heat generated, control the temperature is not accurate enough, resulting in baked products char problems. Not only the product quality is poor, the labor cost is also relatively high. The drying equipment is controlled by micro-computer, with automatic ignition, automatic cutting, automatic temperature control, intelligent baking failure alarm, no need to watch, and the baked products are of good quality and good color.


 Baostraw biomass pellet drying equipment is mainly used for low-temperature drying of crops, widely used in tobacco drying, pepper drying, tea drying, Chinese medicine drying, pepper drying, jasmine drying, fungus drying and other fields. Equipment has been donated to Sichuan Liangshan region to solve the local farmers baking high cost, poor baking quality and so on.


Update date:2020-07-28