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How to keep warm safely in winter?

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In the north and northwest of China, the temperature is low in winter, and many families will warm themselves with fire. However, the reports of poisoning and death caused by fire heating emerge in endlessly in recent years. Among them, there are burning charcoal poisoning, there are also gas poisoning. Carbon monoxide produced by coal gas and charcoal is the main component causing human poisoning. Here, Xiaobian reminds netizens that safety should be considered in heating and clean energy should be selected for heating.


At present, there are two kinds of clean and environment-friendly heating methods: electric heating and biomass stove heating. For the long winter, if the indoor heating is long-term, many families feel that it costs more electricity and the cost is relatively high. The biomass stove can use sawdust, wood powder and corn stalk, wheat stalk, rice stalk, sesame stalk, cotton stalk and other waste straw as fuel, which not only saves cost, but also has no smoke and dust, no sulfur, no poison, health and environmental protection.


Baocao biomass pellet return air furnace is a kind of heating equipment which uses biomass particles for heating. It has many functions, such as cooking, heating, boiling water and drying clothes.


Baocao: as the name suggests, it is to change the waste crop straw into a new biomass energy for reuse. It not only saves the cost, but also solves the problem of haze caused by straw burning to some extent. The products cover biomass pellet burners, dryers, return air stoves, cooking stoves, etc., which have been widely used and highly approved. Baocao dryers have been donated to sanitary wares in Liangshan area of Sichuan Province. The local farmers have high baking costs and poor baking quality.

Update date:2020-08-03