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The biomass stove is better than the coal stove

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If marriage is a major event in life, then I think heating is a major event in winter. It's impossible to live without a heater in winter. Someone once said that "without a heater in winter, it's just like without a mobile phone. I feel uncomfortable all over!" This shows that heating is a major event in winter.


If the heating stove is a mobile phone, then baking sweet potato is like a game in the mobile phone. Heating also has a soul. When I was a child, sweet potato can be said to be a common food. If I like to eat roasted sweet potato, I use mud to build a mud kiln. After the mud is red, I put the sweet potato inside and break the mud. Soon, the delicious roasted sweet potato can be eaten.


With the rapid development of electrical appliances, many families now rarely use firewood stoves, and other electrical appliances can only cook but not dry bake, and the frequency of slowly eating roasted sweet potatoes is becoming less and less.


And today!

I can eat roasted sweet potatoes while I'm warming up.


You can also roast corn, corn and chestnut!

This stove is so convenient!

This type of furnace still has its own temperature

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Update date:2021-01-06