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Which is better, return air stove or gasifier? People who really want to eat melons are not calm

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Heating is an indispensable topic in winter. This winter is even colder than in previous years. Someone once went to Northeast China to learn about the price of rental housing. It is said that as long as the house is willing to pay the heating fee, the house can be rented for free. You can imagine how high the heating fee is. The landlord would rather rent out for free than pay the heating fee out of his own pocket.


Compared with the northeast, Guizhou, Chongqing, Hubei and other southerly areas are not as cold as the northeast. Usually the main way of heating or the use of a "return stove" heating table. Among them, "return air furnace" has many styles and brands, and the fuel used will be different. Return air furnace and gasifier are the main heating furnace, so which kind of heating effect of return air furnace and gasifier is better?


The working principle of the return air furnace is that the furnace combustion generates heat. Through the design, the heat generated by the furnace circulates to the bottom plate through the heat pipe, and then circulates from the bottom plate to the interior of the furnace, such a reciprocating process. It can not only keep warm, but also cook. The panel can be used as a table, killing two birds with one stone.


In a strict sense, the gasifier is to produce combustible gas from biomass materials in a certain environment. For example, the straw is put in a closed pool to "stew", and the combustible gas is produced by later decay, which is similar to the previous biogas. Because these projects are complicated and expensive, they have not been popularized and used practically.


At present, the gasifier in the market is designed in the furnace structure. Separate the ignition from the fuel. The upper part burns, and the lower part produces combustible gas due to "simmer burning". When it comes to the upper part, it's like burning gas.


Therefore, there is no strict distinction between return air furnace and gasifier. If the design is reasonable, it can be a return air furnace for gasification. The heating effect also depends on whether the furnace design is reasonable. Take baocao heating stove as an example, why do people think its heating effect is good? From the point of view of heating parts, the table top, bottom plate and furnace core of baocao heating furnace are warm, which can warm hands, knees and soles of feet at the same time. Sitting by the stove, the whole person is warm. Secondly, from the temperature point of view, baostraw heating furnace has set up a number of gears, according to the actual situation, the temperature can be adjusted; the desktop temperature can be maintained at 40 ~ 50 degrees, the bottom plate at 46 degrees, and the knee position can reach 60 ~ 70 degrees.

On the other hand, the treasure straw heating furnace uses corn stalk, wheat stalk, sesame stalk, cotton stalk and other waste straw, sawdust, firewood powder and other biomass particles as fuel. The furnace adopts microcomputer control, automatic ignition and automatic cutting, which can adjust the firepower. It not only saves money, but also realizes intelligent operation, with low-grade heating and large-scale cooking Fire stop, very convenient.


Update date:2021-01-11